Re: [All] ITS 2.0 = The "Dublin Core" of the Multilingual Web?

Hi Felix, Hi all,

I think this is a good way of letting others, outside of the immediate 
mlw world get a grip on ITS 2.0.
Of course, as whenever you try to explain one concept with another, 
there will be some whom you lose, because the "other concept" is 
meaningless to them.
Since Dublin Core is certainly far more widely known (and even 
understood) than ITS probably currently is, your statement will 
certainly be a winner.
You won't get everyone, but you'll get a lot more people, librarians, 
information managers and manipulators, terminologists, to name just a few.

My 2 Eurocents worth would be to say: go with it, run with it !

On 2013-02-18 21:41, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> would you agree with the statement made in the subject of this mail?
> I'm asking since like Dublin Core metadata
> ITS 2.0
> - provides a relatively small set of metadata items
> - separates between concepts and various syntaxes (HTML(5), XML) to 
> write these
> - metadata covers a broad range of applications
> I'm asking for two reasons:
> - with the "high level summary" we want to publish at 
> would above phrase be something for the introduction?
> - with the reporting for our underlying EU project in mind - would 
> above phrase help to make the role of ITS 2.0 clear?
> Thanks for any feedback in advance,
> Felix

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