ACTION-447: Make a batch transformation of the test suite to xliff

Hi all,

I've done this action item.

A batch file as well as the XLIFF output have been added to GitHub:


-- The XLIFF outputs are often identical because the test files are just different ways to markup the same content.

-- The XLIFF output often make little sense because the input exercises only one data category. For example, a storage size limitation set on a span ("inline") element will not show up on an inline element in XLIFF because there is no information in the input file that says the span element is 'within text' (since the test case is about the storage size). IHMO the output are rather useless.

-- Most data categories have output, but only when the extraction use them. For example there is no output for directionality because, while the Okapi ITS engine process and provides that data category, the filter does nothing with it.


Received on Monday, 18 February 2013 14:52:27 UTC