RE: Space normalization for its:locNote

Hi Shaun,

I think there was an email thread about space normalization for the test output.
I can't look for it now, but it was with Fredrik and probably Leroy, quite a while back.


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Subject: Space normalization for its:locNote

While restructuring some code to handle all the localization note test cases, I ran across what I believe to be unspecified behavior expected by the test suite.

>From locnote1xml.xml:
    <its:locNote>The variable {0} has three possible values: 'printer', 
    'stacker' and 'stapler options'.</its:locNote>

Expected locNote in locnote1xmloutput.txt:
The variable {0} has three possible values: 'printer', 'stacker' and 'stapler options'.

But what's literally in the its:locNote element after "'printer',"
is "&#x20;&#x0A;&#x20;&#x20;&#x20;&#x20;". Should we specify that we expect whitespace in localization notes to be normalized?

Side note: itstool has always normalized whitespace in localization notes, unless the locNote element is space-preserving. This isn't specified, but I've found it useful. My code restructuring moved the normalization to the PO serializer, so the output for the test suite is now getting the non-normalized form.


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