[ISSUE-55] Re: [all] ITS to XLIFF Mapping

On 14/10/2012 10:15, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> 3) No 2) would have been my input on Monday - from the ITS side, I 
> think it is helpful to have implementors on board. So far I can see 
> Yves / Okapi, and various people who might wrap Okaki (e.g. SOLAS). 
> Having more implementors who provide an additional basis library (=in 
> addition to OKAPI) might be helpful.
Returning to this thread. CMS-LION already supports mapping of content 
files to-from XLIFF, so we'll be happy to try and support the ITS-XLIFF 
mappings as they firm up. We'd aim to make this available as a public 
demonstrator, linked in with SOLAS to show additional business 

David demonstrated aspects of this in Seattle (with simplisitc interim 
mappings), and can run through it again in Lyon.

Also, Leroy is able to generate XLIFF as output of the test suite, so 
again we will be able to support ITS-to-XLIFF conformance tests based on 
our existing input files once the mapping is firmed up. We won't put 
this on the critical path in the test suite development, to avoid any 
delay to the ITS-conformance testing. Again, we'd be happy to offer this 
test facility in parallel to the ITS test suite - CNGL can always host 
it independently if any 'jurisdictional' issues arise.

Yves, David, we may need to consider however, whether this set of ITS 
input files is sufficient to test all the mappings. Plus we'd also want 
to consider a set of XLIFF-to-ITS tests at some later point. We could 
use the saem test suite infrastructure, but it would have to wait until 
after the ITS draft and test suite are done.


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