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[All] IMPORTANT: feedback about ITS 2.0 implementation plans by 10 June

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 12:06:41 +0200
Message-ID: <CAL58czoN-MuUH0ga0dAh403E-NLT-+GsdjMo74H=6cb=5EcdDg@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-multilingualweb-lt@w3.org
Dear MLW-LT working group participants,

In the requirements document we currently have more than 60 data category
proposals. Now it is time for the implementations to start driving the work.

So please put pointers to the data categories *by 10 June* that you are
sure that they are relevant into one of the subsections at

I have added a list of implementations that we will implement for sure. For
these and for other implementations, please also include a *short*
description of your implementation. You should NOT take a lot of time for
this. We only need to get the minimal set of data categories that you can
already commit too.

It is totally OK if our standard at the end has not more than 10 new (in
addition to ITS 1.0) data categories. Keep in mind that ITS 1.0 had only 7.
The important point is implementations drive this, not "nice to have"
standards work.



Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow
Received on Saturday, 2 June 2012 10:07:07 UTC

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