RE: [ACTION 107] Locale Filter

On Thu, 2012-07-12 at 08:01 +0200, Yves Savourel wrote:
> Hi Shaun, all,
> Thanks for the nice definition.
> I have just a few notes:
> 1- We define 'sublocale' as "A sublocale is any locale that can be
> formed only by adding subtags.", but we don't use the term anywhere in
> the text other than in the definition. Maybe we could get rid of the
> definition? (definition are often controversial).

Agree. I'll redo it with RFC 4647.

> 2- The text "The Locale Filter data category is only valid on element
> nodes" seems to restrict the selector to point to element nodes. Is
> there s reason for that? I think we should be able to define a locale
> filter to attributes as well: the translatable ones may need to be
> excluded just like an element.

Sure. I suppose I just followed my implementation of dropRule,
which only works on elements. But there's no reason we can't
filter attributes.

> 4- (Very minor): I wonder if the paragraph "If the Locale Filter data
> category is specified multiple times for an element, the normal
> precedence rules apply, and the value of the locale list with the
> highest precedence is applied. The locale list is not a combination of
> values from multiple rules." is helpful: It repeats what the section
> 6.1 says and just adds the bit about not combining rules. Maybe it
> could be reduced to just states that? Note that we don't warn about
> combining rules in other data categories like locNote.

When I first started implementing ITS, I rewrote the locNote
handling two or three times because I wasn't sure whether to
apply all possible matching notes.

It is a long sentence with redundant info though. I'll try to
rewrite it.


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