[ISSUE-33] Re: Input for ACTION-139 (Check options for test suite design) and ACTION-145 (Think about a round tripping test suite data package)

Hi Felix,
As we've already touched on there are a number of things to consider in 
in the test suite design, so I create ISSUE-33 on this.

Looking at this general test suite, it was clear what the benefits were 
supposed to be. Is it primarily to ensure that test suites are archived 
centrally by the W3C rather than being left solely to the WG, and thus 
subject to decay once the WG expires?

This is surely a good idea in general. But is the W3C format sufficient 
for more 'active' tests, i.e. ones that use code/scripts to test 
behaviour, e.g. of input vs output? Will we be at liberty to extend the 
basic format they define?


On 03/07/2012 19:28, Felix Sasaki wrote:
> Hi all,
> to move forward with the two actions, I need your input.
> I agree with what Des mentioned during the last call - a test suite 
> package will be very helpful. Let's discuss this in more detail during 
> the call. The bottom line is:
> - I need to know whether this very general test suite design
> http://w3c-test.org/framework/docs/maintainer/
> would be suitable for you. Please browse this before the call and give 
> feedback
> - We need tests that actually check what you will do with the metadata 
> anyway. For this, we need volunteers to specify what they will do. I'd 
> propose that we create a wiki page that lists data categories and test 
> cases in that manner.
> Above is very general, but I hope it helps to move the discussion forward.
> Best,
> Felix
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> Felix Sasaki
> DFKI / W3C Fellow

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