RE: [all] call for consensus: externalPlaceholder

On Tue, 2012-07-03 at 08:24 +0200, Yves Savourel wrote:
> Hi Shaun,
> > I'd like to propose the data category be called "External Resource".
> +1. It is clearer than externalPlaceholder.
> > <externalResourceRule selector="//html:video/@src"
> > externalResourceRefRule="."/>
> > <externalResourceRule selector="//html:video/@poster"
> > externalResourceRefRule="."/>
> I assume the two attributes have a typo and it should be
> externalResourceRefPointer rather externalResourceRefRule, right?

Yes. Thanks for pointing it out.

> This data category seems useful to me. I'm still not sure how
> difficult it would be for us to make use of it in a real translation
> package, as often dealing with images/sounds (for us) is treated in a
> very different process. So I can't commit to a "useful"
> implementation. But implementing the ITS part looks straightforward
> and I suppose we could provide the information has an annotation, and
> then as a note in the XLIFF output for example.

As an example of how I implemented this with PO files, itstool
outputs messages for each external resource that look like this:

msgctxt "_"
msgid ""
"external ref='figures/gnome.png' "

Translators can't use the PO files to create localized images.
They do that by putting them in the right place in a directory
structure that's specific to our build system. But they can use
the PO files to track the images.

Translators mark the special messages as translated when they
create a localized file. If new files are added, new messages
show up. If existing files are changed, the MD5 changes, and
that causes the msgid to change.

> The only aspect that may be missing is some information about what the
> resource is. I realize this can be obtained by the extension of URI of
> the resource. Maybe that is enough.

I'm open to having an attribute to specify the type of the
external resource, perhaps externalResourceTypePointer. Many
vocabularies have a way to specify resource types. In actual
practice, I've never had a translator ask for this.


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