[all] call for consensus: externalPlaceholder


This page lists externalPlaceholder, based on itst:externalRefRule,
but it hasn't made its way into the current implementation commitments
document. There are three implementation proposals (4.6, 4.12, 4.13).
I think that's enough to at least discuss this issue.

I'd like to propose the data category be called "External Resource".
The External Resource data category indicates that a node represents
or references potentially translatable data in a resource outside
the document.

The External Resource data category can be expressed with a global
rule. The externalResourceRule element contains a selector attribute
and a externalResourceRefPointer attribute, which contains a relative
XPath expression providing the URI of the external resource.


<externalResourceRule selector="//db:imagedata | //db:audiodata |
db:videodata" externalResourceRefPointer="@fileref"/>

<externalResourceRule selector="//mal:media"

I think it's most natural to select the element and reference the
attribute as the URL. But you can select an attribute as well. This
is useful if an element references multiple external resources with
separate attributes, as in HTML5 video:

<externalResourceRule selector="//html:video/@src"
<externalResourceRule selector="//html:video/@poster"

Applications that support External Resource must indicate URLs of
a node representing an external resource if if that node is an
element and translatable, or if that node is an attribute and its
containing element is translatable.

I happen to think "externalResourceRule" and especically
"externalResourceRefPointer" are painfully long to write, but it's
the most correct and consistent terminology I could think of.


Received on Sunday, 1 July 2012 20:26:22 UTC