[All] demo session at XML Prague: looking for presenters & confirm current state

Hi all,

a while ago we discussed an ITS2 demo session on the pre-conference 
Friday of XML Prague. The session is in the program
it's 1/2 hours.

I remember that TCD, Cocomore and Enlaso said they would be able to 
participate. Can you confirm this via mail to me? I'm putting the usual 
suspect into CC to make sure that this is on your radar during busy 
pre-christmas time. Fredrik already did that for Enlaso by reminding me 
of the event - thanks a lot for that.

This would mean that we would have demos in the 1/2 session about the 
use cases described at


The benefit of being at XML Prague is to get have further implementation 
and user communities. At XML Prague there is a strong presence from XML 
tools and application developers and users.

Please let me know your interest by the January 7 call.



Received on Thursday, 20 December 2012 07:51:44 UTC