RE: forbiddenCharacters data category - related to [ACTIOn-189]

Hi Jirka, all,

> Actually every platform which has built in support for 
> XML Schema 1.0 can implement this checking without any dependencies.
> Your application can build ad hoc XSD schema with datatypes 
> restricted by regular expressions taken from its:allowedCharacters 
> and then validate your XML document (or subset containing just 
> strings to check) against such schema.

I guess that may work for some use cases. But other users like me have a vastly different context of work: In my world the module that uses the allowedCharacters regex is not aware of any XML things: ITS and XML are far away upstream, parsed and passed on by other modules.

This is something relatively new in ITS 2.0: we use ITS to carry information that may be acted upon outside XML/HTML context: quality information, allowed characters, maximum storage size, etc.

> Personally I would go with XML Schema regexp in our draft.
> If there will be pushback from more implementers we can adjust 
> draft in the future before producing final spec.

I'll go with that to make things move forward.

But let's be sure we have examples and tests that use expressions unique to XML schema's character class. The subtraction feature is a start (different syntax than in Java), but .NET supports it too. It would be nice to find something unique to XML schema.


Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2012 12:04:53 UTC