RE: Call for consensus - Localization Quality Précis (related to [ISSUE-34])

Hi Des,

> This particular segment has 3 translation candidates that 
> users can vote on. Users can click either the checkbox (+ve vote)
> or the ‘x’ (-ve vote).  The aggregate of all users’ votes for 
> each candidate translation represents the ‘quality score’ for 
> that candidate.

So, just to see if I get this right: if, for a given translation, you have 5 'plus' and 12 'minus', your aggregated score will be -7?

If that's the case, your system seems to be indeed open-ended and cannot be truly mapped to a range.

Therefore I don't think having locQualityPrecisScore as value between -100 and 100 will be more useful than if it's a value between 0 and 100. In both case it wouldn't be interoperable with any of the range-based scores used by other systems.

Basically, I think a range-based value can only represent a rating, not a voting system.

Maybe we need another attribute altogether that would represent voting?


Received on Friday, 24 August 2012 13:15:34 UTC