Re: [ISSUE-34] Problem with mandatory attributes for quality

I see. In the past I have relied on the assistance of jQuery to parse and 
add extra classes where necessary.


From:   Arle Lommel <>
To:     Felix Sasaki <>, 
Cc:     Phil Ritchie <>, Multilingual Web LT Public List 
Date:   07/08/2012 15:30
Subject:        Re: [ISSUE-34] Problem with mandatory attributes for 

I actually thought about splitting the into two 
attributes (locQualityProfileRef and locQualityCode) since it would make 
such selections easier, but adding another attribute to an already big 
thing is really not ideal either.


On Aug 7, 2012, at 16:25 , Felix Sasaki <> wrote:

2012/8/7 Phil Ritchie <>
I would see a requirement to support multiple annotations per element but 
only independent ones. That is, Arle's second example would seem required 
as it allows multiple, independent agents to add markup. For the first 
example, the parent entity seems redundant. 

Felix, what would prohibit the application of CSS/DOM processing to the 
multiple records? 

The complexity of writing adequate CSS selectors. How would you write a 
CSS selector that matches 
<meta its-loc-quality-profile="" />


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