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[action-186] Go throug draft and make it more "HTML5 reader friendly"

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 16:24:56 +0200
Message-ID: <CAL58czqTmx2gEXEt8HeNb4FbD86veLzD0cwYiSkAEK+EjpgpbQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-multilingualweb-lt@w3.org
Hi all,

I am looking for a volunteer to help me with above action item. Since I am
so focused on the XML point of view, with my ITS 1.0 background, it is hard
for me to see what to change. At the end we want to convey the message: the
metadata is defined for HTML5, XML and RDF. But how to do that without
confusing the reader?

So is there a volunteer who would download
and propose some edits, e.g. with a word processor + change marks? I'm then
happy to implement that in the draft.

Things that come to my mind:

- Explain typical problems, users and usages not focusing on XML, but on
content in general, with XML and HTML5 in mind
- Think about lot's of examples with HTML5
- Express a "content creator" viewpoint, in addition to localization /
language technology.

Any volunteer?



Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow
Received on Friday, 3 August 2012 14:25:25 UTC

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