Re: HTML 5 Defaults

Hi Leroy, all,

we decided on the Wednesday call
that we follow this proposal
that is: only additional defaults for "elements within text". For 
language information and id value there should be already tests that 
contain HTML "lang" or HTML "id" attributes.

So we'd need only changes for
that is, tests with some of (I'd say not all) phrasing elements like 
"abbr" that are interpreted to be "within text=yes".



Am 25.04.13 12:17, schrieb Leroy Finn:
> I was going to do the updates to the test suite based on this topic 
> today. I was just wondering before  I start implementing changes was 
> this page 
> the 
> finalized decision on this topic.
> Thanks,
> Leroy

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