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Re: Comment on ITS 2.0 WD-its20-20121206 - Inline global rules in XHTML

From: Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 22:17:54 +0100
Message-ID: <510ADF82.3030600@kosek.cz>
To: Yves Savourel <ysavourel@enlaso.com>
CC: public-multilingualweb-lt-comments@w3.org
On 31.1.2013 18:50, Yves Savourel wrote:

> So: a) the example must be fixed (as you pointed out)

I have fixed the example.

> And b) the text could probably clarify that if embedded global rules are used they should follow the HTML5 way. Basically we should say somewhere that XHTML notation is the same as HTML5 (for local attributes, embedded rules, standoff markup, etc.) and in top of that embedded rules are frown upon.
> I'm still not sure why embedded rules are frown upon in XHTML while there are not in HTML, but that's a different issue.

I'm not sure if correctly understand to meaning of "frown" here, but we
are discourage embeded rules in both XHTML and HTML:

Section 6.2: "...Note: It is preferred to use external global rules
linked using link element."

Section 7: "... and SHOULD NOT use inline global rules ..."

Personally I think that both embeded (inline) rules and standoff markup
should be removed from HTML, but I'm probably alone :-(


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