Tomorrow (the 1s5) at 9:30am Pacific (4:30pm UTC) is June's multicast-cg meeting

Hi multicast-cg,

Tomorrow's meeting will be at 4:30pm UTC (9:30am Pacific time), I
hope to see you then.

Proposed agenda:

- 5 min: welcome and agenda-bash
- 30-45 min: Status update & discussion
  - We had another productive month.  Max, Leo, Kyle, and I continued
    some decent work toward a demo of the proposed multicast extension
    for quic.  You can follow our progress here:


  - noticed a new problem last week with webtransport (if we could have a
    server-chosen session id, we could use our multicast channels for
    webtransport server-initiated streams, but without it I think we'll
    have trouble.  (Same problem with http-datagrams, which webtransport
    uses by reference.). See sections 2.3 and 4.1 of webtransport-02:

  - So I think this month we'll want to update the spec one more time in
    the IETF datatracker and reach out to at least the msec list and
    probably the webtransport list to see if there's any reasonable way
    to make the session ids server-chosen values so they can be used for
    multicast.  (Another alternative would be to make them fit in a fixed-
    size block that can be sent in the unicast connection, with the stream
    data then going in the multicast channel at a later offset.  Less
    efficient but at least possible.  But the way it is now with a variable
    length ID chosen by client, it's hard to see how it can be made to work.)
- 10 min: Next Steps

See you tomorrow.


PS: last month's meeting notes and recording are posted, I think I forgot
to send out an update when they went up, sorry:

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