Tomorrow (the 4th) at 9:30am Pacific (4:30pm UTC) is May's multicast-cg meeting

Hi multicast-cg,

Tomorrow's meeting will be at 4:30pm UTC (9:30am Pacific time), I
hope to see you then.

Proposed agenda:

- 5 min: welcome and agenda-bash
- 30-45 min: Status update & discussion
  - We had a very productive month.  Max Franke, Léo Sarrazin, Kyle
    Rose, and I all got together for a working session based on this
    doc (and its references) as a starting point:

  - We made and assigned several issues in a github fork of quiche
    (Google's QUIC implementation, linked from the doc) and have been
    working toward an increasingly viable-looking target of having a
    demo and draft spec (also linked from the doc) ready for a decent
    discussion in July.  No guarantees, but it's a promising start.
  - We met again a week after the initial working session, and I think
    we'll continue weekly for the near future if that works for people,
    but that's open for discussion.
  - also hit a case that was crashing amtgw, so I had a chance to find
    a couple of problems.  If you're using it, updating the image by
    running "docker pull grumpyoldtroll/amtgw:latest" might make it more
    robust.  I made an issue for it this time so people could review if
    they wanted:

- 10 min: Next Steps



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