Re: Canceling Wednesday's meeting

No, that was the less-preferred of 2 alternatives some time ago.

RFC 8777 is the one that went forward, and there's an implementation
available at:

That can import my traffic, we're still working on standing up the
same capability for Internet2 and GEANT, both for ingest and export.

(I do put the records in my own local bind9 server running in my
local setup of the multicast-ingest-platform/sample-network, so it
works to ingest their traffic from my place except when they change
something, but it would be better if those were in the real reverse
ip tree properly.  However, they do have some AMT relays running.)


On 02-02, 1:32 PM, "Gavin Henry" <> wrote:

> Internet2 and GEANT both have some capability on these, plus I’ve got some traffic sources with AMT reachability, but more interconnections here (especially if there’s useful traffic) would be cool. 

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