Re: Canceling Wednesday's meeting

Hi Gavin,

Great question, and I wish I had a simple and straightforward answer.

I think there’s several useful directions, and contributions toward any of them would be welcome. Off the top of my head, these stand out to me:

  1.  Ease of use/getting started primers:
We’ve got the one Chris and I worked on at

Walking thru that, making sure it works, adding useful diagrams or making it easier to read or follow, would be a good starting place.
  2.  Adding Windows support to would be helpful
  3.  A web app that would make a useful demo would be good.  I think the right next step on this front would be to have something using webtransport datagrams that would benefit from multicast.  If I were starting this today, I’d try to wrap udp video from vlc into wt datagrams on server, and get a page running that could play them.  But I worry this will be harder than it sounds.  (Other options might include trying to get mad-flute or norm or uftp running the same kind of way, for downloads.)
  4.  Standing up networks that send and/or receive multicast outside.  Internet2 and GEANT both have some capability on these, plus I’ve got some traffic sources with AMT reachability, but more interconnections here (especially if there’s useful traffic) would be cool.
  5.  There’s no reason it has to be me writing up the quic extension idea... If you want to take a crack at it I can review or co-author in a 2nd revision or whatever.

Any of those sound compelling?  There’s probably other useful things too, I doubt I got everything important here, just a few of the ones that jumped out at me.


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Subject: Re: Canceling Wednesday's meeting

Thanks for the update Jake.

What is best to look at at the moment and help with?

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