Copying mlreq documents to

dear Mongolian layout task force folks,

I'd like to publish up-to-date copies of the mlreq respec documents on 
the /TR space of the W3C server, so that people pointing to the 
documents can use URLs, rather than GitHub ones to find the content.

This means publishing a First Public Working Draft for the following 
documents.  Note that FPWD status indicates the beginning of work on a 
document; the document is not expected to be in a near final state.

Mongolian Layout Requirements

Mongolian Gap Analysis

Unless there are objections from this group, i will recommend the 
publication to the Internationalization Working Group (which publishes 
mlreq documents),  submit a transition request upon approval, and 
publish the documents.

Going forward, we should regularly publish updates to the /TR space as 
changes accrue to the GitHub Editor's Draft. To facilitate that, we have 
the echidna tool, which makes publication relatively simple and quick.  
We don't need to go through the Webmaster to publish ordinary Working 
Drafts (WDs) using echidna; we only need to follow that more complicated 
transition process for publication of a First Public Working Draft 
(FPWD) or Working Group Note.  The policy of the Internationalisation 
WG, which publishes the documents for you, is to allow updates to the 
/TR space at the discretion of the editors of the document (no prior 
approval needed) for ordinary Working Draft updates.

Please let me know by the end of this week if you have any objection to 
me proceeding with this.

If i receive no objection, i'll move ahead.


Received on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 12:06:36 UTC