Merchant Community Group sessions in November

Hello everyone
Before the summer, we decided to move to a community group model, and to
focus on a smaller number of information "webinar" sessions


I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the chairs that the first of these
sessions will take place on Monday 1st November at 17h00 UTC. 

We have three speakers lined up, to tell us about some latest trends in
payments, and what they mean for merchants:

Buy Now Pay Later

Non-fungible tokens

Secure Payment Confirmation


John O'B and I have recorded a little video interview which we intend to
share via social media. 


We would love you all to be able to come along (I know that the time zones
might make this hard). We would also love it if you could reach out to your
network to publicise it. 

Remember that as a community group, membership is free and we explicitly
rule out IP commitments, so the cost of attendance couldn't be lower, and
the session should be really interesting and informative. 


We also hope to run a session on accessibility for retailers on the web at
the end of November (tentatively 29th November, but to be confirmed).


Please reach out to me or the chairs if you have any questions. We look
forward to seeing you all again. 


Nick (on behalf of the chairs)

Received on Monday, 11 October 2021 17:00:53 UTC