Welcome to the Merchant Business Group

Dear Merchant Business Group members,


Welcome to the group and thanks for signing up. We're excited to be

We'd like to schedule our first meeting for later this month. There's a
Doodle Poll (https://doodle.com/poll/q2vwis9yny7waysc) to look at best times
for w/c 26th October and another Poll
(https://doodle.com/poll/s37pytvpm3xz82ng) looking at remote meeting tools. 


We have members from around the world spanning both coasts of the US, Europe
and Australia so scheduling is going to be hard - please let us know what
works for you. The Poll is in Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) - so please be
careful in mapping to your own timezone. 


Here are some things that we would like to cover in the first meeting


[Draft agenda for first meeting]


*	Introductions
*	Priorities for the group
*	Review the charter
*	Ways of working
*	Suggested Topics for us to discuss


We'd welcome suggestions or topics you'd like us to add. 


As a reminder, here is our Draft Charter



Here's our Group page



Here's our new empty Github repository



Scheduling the meeting:



Remote meeting technology




Nick  (on behalf of the chairs)



Nick Telford-Reed

e: nicktr@w3.org


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