Re: Media Fragments in Opera

On 18 October 2010 17:55, Philip Jägenstedt <> wrote:
> For those of you who were not at FOMS, here's a little FYI:
> The first native browser implementation of Media Fragments was demoed at
> FOMS, that is: something I hacked into Opera. This is not ready to ship, so
> don't expect to see it in desktop Opera just yet. Here's some implementation
> feedback:
> About t:
> * We should consider making the HH component optional. Most clips online are
> less than an hour, and being able to say #t=9:23 would be useful.
> * It's not clear to me what to do with the smpte formats. In our underlying
> media framework (GStreamer) time is expressed in nanoseconds, so it doesn't
> actually give any great precision that using 9 decimals. For now, I've not
> added support for the smpte formats at all. Are there any existing
> implementations or indications that anyone does want to implement it?
> * The use case for 'clock' syntax is pretty clear, but AFAIK the time in UTC
> isn't available in Ogg or WebM, so I'm not sure what to do with it.
> (In short, I've only implemented the npt syntax.)

I was thinking that the smpte formats would be useful for applications
that need to address specific frames, such as web-based video editors.
Humans may not find these formats so necessary. It may be the case
that something like Metavid is already advanced enough to do
frame-level editing.

UTC time is specified in Ogg Skeleton but I'm not aware of any
applications that actually make use of it (even though I was involved
in that part of the specification and various apps that use it). In
any case I don't think it's so necessary for the UTC time to be burnt
into each file as long as the web archive that serves the content can
respond with the correct sequence of video for the requested UTC time.



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