Happy NY & Today's PhoneConf is cancelled

Dear all,



First of all we want to wish you all a happy and fruitful new year for
yourself and your dear ones. For our group we hope that we can keep the
momentum going and produce a nice first spec by the summer. Both RaphaŽl & I
had/have a lot on our plate this week, so we decided to cancel today’s phone
conf (as we didn’t find the time to prepare the phone conf and there was
also not a lot of emailing on the list lately due to festivities all around
the globe J). Let’s meet next Wednesday over the phone and I hope everybody
finds the time to look at their action points. Have a nice day.



Sincere greetings,


RaphaŽl & Erik 




Received on Wednesday, 7 January 2009 08:50:36 UTC