Re: New Editor's Draft of MediaStream Image Capture

On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 3:55 AM, Mandyam, Giridhar <>

>  Changing PhotoOptions to PhotoCapabilities is not a problem, and seems
> to make good sense.  Eliminating this object altogether in favor of
> individual readonly attributes is possible, but then I think the issue
> boils down to a matter of personal taste.  From my perspective as a spec
> editor, this is mainly an issue of readability of the spec as the desired
> functionality is retained with either approach.  However, you certainly
> have more insight than myself as to what would be the typical web developer
> preference for such a feature.  Would they prefer to have device
> capabilities accessible as a readonly object (PhotoCapabilities), or as
> individual readonly attributes?

Generally I think we should only introduce additional objects and
interfaces when there's some clear rationale for doing so, because all
other things being equal, they add complexity. I don't see such a rationale
here. Spec readability issues are not very important, especially because
you can easily organize the spec to group together the specs for a
particular subset of attributes. ImageCapture is currently a small
interface so moving PhotoSettings attributes into it will not bloat it to
an unreasonable size. E.g. writing
  imageCapture.redEyeReduction = true;
  imageCapture.zoom = 1.5;
  var promise = imageCapture.takePhoto();
looks reasonable to me.

   Ø  The difference between grabFrame and takePhoto is quite subtle. Would
> it make sense to only have one method and event handler, and add an option
> that specifies whether to just grab a frame or go to the effort of taking a
> still shot?
> I was trying to avoid introducing unnecessary ambiguity, so two different
> methods were defined for the two possible photo capture events that could
> be raised by the capture device.   Depending on the method invoked by the
> developer, there is a clear understanding of the possible MIME types of the
> returned data.  It is possible to collapse this into a single method with
> an argument to set the option for capture – I am not sure what to call that
> method as takePhoto() may not be appropriate.

Aren't the possible MIME types returned exactly the same for both
takePhoto() and grabFrame() --- any kind of still image format?

       Additional feedback items:
-- Do we need to support the non-Promise API? I don't think we do. In that
case the "onphoto", "onerror" and "onframe" handlers are not needed.
-- 'zoom' should be 'double' or 'float', not 'unsigned long'.
-- I don't think 'onoptions' is needed. Most Web APIs don't have features
like this.

Can you clarify somewhere which PhotoSettings are honoured by grabFrame()?
Is the answer "none"?

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