[Bug 27077] Cababilities need to clearly specify that they are constant over time


--- Comment #1 from Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no> ---
>From Harald, on mailing list October 10:

I think the definition is intended to say that it be a superset.
That's what the example was supposed to demonstrate: even though only two
resolutions are supported, the values given are ranges.

> Are capabilities constant?
> I find conflicting text on this in the spec:
> "The UA may choose new settings for the Capabilities of the object at any time.
> When it does so it must attempt to satisfy the current Constraints, in the
> manner described in the algorithm above." [2]

I think "new settings for the Capabilities of the object" was meant to be
parsed as

(new settings for) (the Capabilities of the object)

ie it is the settings that are new. The capabilities remain unchanged.
(and I think capitalizing Capabilities here is probably misleading).

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