Re: Strawman Promises consensus position, based on Thursday's telechat

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 9:43 PM, Adam Roach <> wrote:
> What you're seeing people push back against is a wholesale deprecation of an
> API that's been around in two independent implementations (three, if you go
> back to when Opera had its own implementation) for on the order of two
> years, and which has seen pretty broad adoption by webdevs. Some of us don't
> want to break existing deployed applications. Others don't seem to think
> that this is important. That's the crux of the disagreement.

I don't think that's true. Deprecating something does not mean
breaking deployed applications. At least not immediately. We could
definitely continue to support the callback-based methods for some
period to come, while at the same warning developers that they should
switch to the One True Way of doing things going forward. That warning
could be place for two years for all I care.

What I objected to is the proposed ultimatum that we add promises, but
we cannot even encourage developers to switch to that version of the
API for a minimum period of another two (or three?) years.

Furthermore, as Jake pointed out navigator.getUserMedia() is going
away in favor of navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(). The latter is
relatively new and could switch to promises straight away. The former
never shipped as such in user agents and could therefore be removed
from the specification. And user agents could figure out a deprecation
period for their prefixed implementation. Perhaps as long as two years
if that's what it takes.


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