Re: Strawman Promises consensus position, based on Thursday's telechat

On 10/6/14 10:56, cowwoc wrote:
> Okay, but unprefixing does not happen on its own. A developer needs to 
> manually change the application code to make it happen.

No, they don't.

They don't.

They DO NOT, and that's my point. Look very closely at this statement, 
which you find all over the web:

navigator.getUserMedia = navigator.getUserMedia || 
navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia;

Right now, if you run this in Chrome, you get their prefixed 
implementation of gUM.

If you run this in Firefox, you get our prefixed implementation of gUM.

If Firefox unprefixes gUM, and instead has a "navigator.getUserMedia", 
then you get *that* unprefixed version.

The same is true for Chrome.

Application code continues to work, and gUM is no longer behind a prefix.


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