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Re: noaccess / peerIdentity as constraints

From: Martin Thomson <martin.thomson@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 09:27:23 -0700
Message-ID: <CABkgnnXuQnq9FdvJ_XjetntO=P-EAqA9F_LLymhTFC1gsq9h5w@mail.gmail.com>
To: Jim Barnett <Jim.Barnett@genesyslab.com>
Cc: Stefan HÃ¥kansson LK <stefan.lk.hakansson@ericsson.com>, Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>, "public-media-capture@w3.org" <public-media-capture@w3.org>
On 11 July 2013 07:28, Jim Barnett <Jim.Barnett@genesyslab.com> wrote:
> So 1) is my understanding correct  2) if it is, will we need a separate peer-identity constraint?

Not 100%, but close.  noaccess creates a potential for something
*like* peerIdentity.  However, it significantly dilutes the assurances
a browser can make to a user.  It also doesn't restrict the set of
recipients in any way, including the fact that access is not

At best it does is allow a user agent to identify where media is
going.  The real value, however, is to the receiver of a stream, who
can see where the media came from.
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