Re: List of items noted during f2f

On 2012-11-04 08:44, Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
> Harald and I assembled the following list immediately after the meeting.
> We will transfer the WG internal things into actions or bugs eventually,
> and probably add more things as a result of reviewing the minutes, but
> wanted to get the list out ASAP to get comments/feedback.
> A similar mail has been sent to the WebRTC WG list.
> Next actions, MEDIA TF
> ==================
> * Early Stream return - getUserMedia as synchronous return value: Editor
> to draft proposal
> * Need to get to: Generation of fake streams

I see these two as solutions to the same problem; namely for the B-side 
to have an "preliminary" answer stream without waiting for the user to 
approve. If that's the intention then perhaps we should create one 
action and have these two as possible solutions.


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