List of items noted during f2f

Harald and I assembled the following list immediately after the meeting. 
We will transfer the WG internal things into actions or bugs eventually, 
and probably add more things as a result of reviewing the minutes, but 
wanted to get the list out ASAP to get comments/feedback.

A similar mail has been sent to the WebRTC WG list.

Next actions, MEDIA TF
* Travis and Anant to come up with v5 of “change API”, using constraints
* Early Stream return - getUserMedia as synchronous return value: Editor 
to draft proposal
* Long term consent - was on the flipchart, not discussed
* Constraints do not compose - new constraints replace old ones.
* Need to get to: Generation of fake streams
* Recording API proposal (Jim and Travis) - separate document
* API for informing app that mandatory constraints can not (perhaps 
temporarily) be met: something needed, what should the design be like? 
(Alternative would be to just stop the track).
* Generation of streams from other sources (files / canvas / xxx)
* API for controlling AEC and AGC for MediaStreamTracks (audio)

Stefan for the chairs

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