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Re: can we generate a stream from local file

From: Randell Jesup <randell-ietf@jesup.org>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 00:43:25 -0700
Message-ID: <501A2F9D.3030809@jesup.org>
To: public-media-capture@w3.org
On 8/1/2012 2:25 PM, Travis Leithead wrote:

>> So returning to the subject line: can we generate a stream from a local file? The answer depends on the type of file. If it's a media file, then something like the mechanism proposed in the MediaStream Processing API could be used, otherwise, no; support for obtaining a MediaStream from any arbitrary file is not something we should support.

So given this, I think we're talking past each other.  I don't think 
anyone was proposing sending a non-media file as a media stream. People 
are just being loose with their terminology ("file"). Getting media 
files into MediaStreams (such as to send over a PeerConnection) is 
certainly within scope.

Randell Jesup
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