Re: Meeting scedule

On 08/01/2012 07:56 AM, Young, Milan wrote:
> The Wiki lists the June 7th conference as the last meeting.  Do we
> have any plans for future calls or F2F events?  How do folks feel
> about carving out some time during TPAC?

Milan, you are right: after a quite intense spring with frequent 
teleconferences, there has been no meeting after June 7th. There has 
been IETF, IETF interims (attended by those in the task force that also 
are involved in webrtc), summer and vacations.

The plan is to get back to more frequent telcos soon, and having a 
session during TPAC is planned (when will depend on availability of 
people - webrtc meets early in the week, DAP late; we will arrange a 
poll to find the best time possible).

Stefan for the chairs

> Thanks

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