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Re: Cancel today call...

From: Florian Stegmaier <stegmai@dimis.fim.uni-passau.de>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 10:28:28 +0200
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To: public-media-annotation@w3.org
Hi all!

Hmm. I think there would have been enough things to discuss, but anyhow, letīs start an email discussion. These would be the things i am interested in:

a) No more news on possible publication date of the API doc? Who is in charge of this?
b) What is the plan for Atom Mapping Table? Already finalized? Maybe some kind of schedule? This is really not a hard task since everything has been already identified by Sebastian.
c) Unfortunately also the discussion initiated by Sung-Ok was not followed. From my point of view, we should catch this up again and see what it takes us. Did somebody respond to him? Maybe a task for Daniel to respond?
D) Daniel: Any news on WebKIT? First contacts have been made with Fragments, and it looks to be a hard task to get in. Any suggestions to move on or will this idea simply be dropped?

Still hoping to see a progress in b) and d)...

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Am 17.04.2012 um 07:25 schrieb Daniel Park:

> Hi all,
> I would skip over the today call due to lack of agenda items to be
> discussed on the phonecall at this stage.
> Personally, if necessary, we should expand the interval of the call as
> bi-weekly according to the volume of the items. Let's talk later on.
> However, still I have several items for the discussion on the list,
> therefore please check them out, and reply to the group.
> [1] additional mapping
> - schema.org is done (no one replies to me after call for review)
> - youtube atom mapping is still open (Wonsuk is now working on that I believe)
> - candidate item to be discussed (pdf and digital publication
> suggested by Sung-Ok)
> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-media-annotation/2012Apr/0014.html
> [2] API doc movement to PR
> - arranging the schedule of Director call
> Anything else for the items that I forgot ?
> Please feel free to let me know if you have anything...
> Regards, Daniel
> -- 
> Soohong Daniel Park
> Samsung Electronics, SWC
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