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Hi Chris!

Thanks for brining this up again!

My main concern with sync and async was not the differentiation, but the reflection in the text - here, we have to be precise and complete! We have to clearly state, why someone should implement the sync case and not just use the async with an immediate answer. We have to give arguments for this and esp. we have to define a scenario, where we differ exactly between sync and async to rely on. At the moment, the specification is a little bit weak looking at its "global" consistency/clarity.

The last comment on the specification is from an implementors point of view: the call by reference things may be a really good thing for a javascript lib, but only very hard to handle with a Webservice. A Webservice per se is not able to handle call by reference calls - here the client has to implement the defined interfaces and then somehow communicate with a server to handle the references in the specified way. Due to the fact, that we mention explicitly a Webservice scenario in the API, i think it is not desirable to have an API, which is more or less against these paradigms.

Nevertheless, i really like the changes related to the object structure, which makes it possible to simply iterate over the parameters.


Am 24.01.2011 um 12:37 schrieb Chris Poppe:

> Dear all,
> This is a re-post of an earlier mail to make sure it is known of during tomorrow’s telco.
> Action 385
> The floats were changed to doubles (there are no floats left in the current
> draft...)
> Action 397
> Additionally, the issue regarding HTML 5 was solved when incorporating the comment of Robin (see my mail: Re: [todo] Response to your LC Comment -2419 on Media API spec, sent to the mailing list on Monday November first). This mail was a repost of a previous mail in which I summarized my comments on Robin's questions.
> In this I explained the changes made according to the HTML 5 part (quote)
> Lastly, I roughly agree with Florian's comments and can do those editorial(!) changes that the group agrees on.
> The strong differentiation between sync and async API is based on Robin’s comments on the specification.
> Kind regards,
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