RE: Response to LC Comment 2406 for the API spec

That's correct, I have sent a message to the major web-browser vendors (cc you and PLH). So far I haven't received any response.


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Subject: Response to LC Comment 2406 for the API spec


Our response to LC Comment 2406  for the API spec, was not clearly 
accepted by Doug by email.

During the last TPAC in Lyon, he basically said that he was not 
satisfied with the architecture of this API, but he didn't really 
proposed a new design and said that therefore he will not oppose to 
moving the API doc to CR.
He proposed that we should ask the browsers implementers to review this 
API, and gave us a list of people to contact.

I think you have contacted the browsers implementers, but I am not aware 
of any response from them. Can you report on the latest status ?

We should also report to Doug this status.

We will probably not get an approval from Doug on this API, and therfore 
should be ready to explain the situation to the Director when moving to CR.


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