RE: [AGENDA] Media Annotations WG Teleconf - 2010-12-21

Dear all,

I wanted to send this earlier ahead of the call but got caught up in a meeting. Apologies.

As decided during the last call, a group of the rdf editors (Pierre Antoine, Mari-Carmen, Jean-Pierre, Tobias) has come together to review pending comments and changed the rdf with agreed modification, attached as rev 27.

Changes made are listed in the annotation root.

During this process we noted that some changes agreed on the ontology (2 calls ago) haven't been done yet. In particular, it was Agreed to change createDate into date. There is a pending action on Wonsuk about this: 

In line with similar changes agreed and implemented in the ontology, we would like to suggest that targetAudience.classification accepts both a string and a URI as values (only string so far). We already did a similar modification for compression, etc.

If the above is finally implemented, the new rdf can be inserted as is in the ontology draft for the final release.

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