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Adobe as provided a container mapping table for FLV.
They also send some general notes about 3GP, MOV and MPEG-4

Could you let me know if you would like to update the  3GPP and  MOV 
tables [1] in the MA Ontology Spec regarding the Adobe notes (below); 1, 
2, 4 and 5.



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Sujet: Re: Flash container format mapping table in the Ontology spec,
Date : Wed, 5 Jan 2011 13:01:18 -0800
De : Alan Lillich <alillich@adobe.com>
Pour : tmichel@w3.org <tmichel@w3.org>

Frank pointed out that I was not looking at the latest FLV spec, which 
does now document onMetadata. A completed FLV table is attached.

Some general notes:

1- There seems to be some copy/paste errors in the 3GPP, MOV, and MPEG-4 
tables. The format row says video/3gpp and audio/3gpp for all three formats.

2- It might help if the 3GPP table explicitly noted that it is a 
derivative of MPEG-4.

3- Like 3GPP, F4V is a derivative of MPEG-4. It would be nice if it had 
its own table, copied from MPEG-4. This is the "Flash" video format that 
carries H.264 streams, so there is a lot of it around. Flash in quotes 
because of the unfortunate and constant confusion between FLV and F4V, 
and the ambiguity in the term "Flash video". The F4V MIME type is 
video/mp4 or audio/mp4.

4- I'm surprised that copyright is not included in the container format 
tables. MPEG-4 has a standard 'cprt' box, this also covers the 3GPP and 
F4V derivatives.

5- It would be nice to note that MPEG-4 (including 3GPP and F4V) and MOV 
can contain XMP. And will if touched by Adobe tools.

Alan Lillich

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