[ACTION-360] Provide an example of an automatic test routine (pending)

Dear all,

due to the unstable API, the test suite is pending.

The main idea (and consensus in the 9th F2F) is to split the tests. So we will have tests for the mappings separately. For the API (more specific the WebService scenario), we simply set up a homepage, which takes the URL of the WebService as input parameter. With this information, the Homepage can start the automatic test routine including:

 - positive checks:
      * check if the WebService is reachable
      * check if all mandatory methods are reachable
      * check if every method runs at least with the mandatory parameter
      * ...?
 - negative checks:
      * execute methods with wrong parameters (null, bad object, corrupt metadata, etc)
      * ask for not connected metadata formats
      * ...?
 - light weight checks:
      * check if every method runs with mandatory and optional parameter
      * ...?

The particular tests can be changed or enlarged and will _NOT_ test if the mapping are done in a right way since this is part of the ontology "tests". I will implement this, after we have come up with a final version of the API. Our reference implementation [1] will serve as a test system, but only for sync mode. This implementation is based on the old version of the API, so we will adapt it to the final version.

It would be possible to combine the test suites, but as a starting point i would suggest to keep them separated - which is also needed in order to get into CR with the ontology document, right?


[1] http://mawg.joanneum.at/
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Received on Wednesday, 5 January 2011 11:23:23 UTC