RE: Moving the MA Ontology to 2nd LC.

So it was a last minute objection.  

Well, you know, finally the idea of maintaining text and URI is adopted by David's new proposal for a modification and this is conform to EBU practice in EBUCore.  This is at least recomforting.

But looking at the method used, I SHALL SYSTEMATICALLY OBJECT if the approach is not carried out through the entire ontology whenever URI/string applies. This is a global ontology design issue that doesn't impact compression only. The contrary would be detrimental to the MAWG being able to develop a consistent ontology.

The good news is that it has no impact on the RDF ;-))

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The poll was done during the telecon, but you did not attend nor sent 
regrets ...

Your objection came in yesterday at 22h44 on wednesday night, (I had 
given a deadline until wednesday night, for publication on thrursday ( 
as this is the shortest deadline I can give to the SysTeam for the 
publication process. Please understand that waiting until the last 
minute to object is not very helpful to the Group. And I don't work 
until midnight ...

As you object I will stop the publication process to 2nd LC now.


Le 09/02/2011 22:44, David Singer a écrit :
> I will send out a further email trying to bring clarity to the compression attribute; I do object and I think it is problematic.  Not least, the latest spec. integrates part of a draft suggestion from me, which was superseded by an improvement that Jean-Pierre proposed.
> I have heard that there is a 'poll' but I am unable to find it.  Can someone give me a pointer?
> Thanks
> On Feb 8, 2011, at 13:34 , Thierry MICHEL wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Today during the MAWG telecon, the participants have agreed on two resolutions:
>> 1- Keep the compression property(attName="compression", attValue="URI" | "String")  refer to the minutes for more details.
>> 2- Move the Ontology spec to 2nd LC.
>> the draft is currently available at
>> I you want to object to these two resolutions please voice before tomorrow night.
>> Else the spec will be published as a 1nd LC on Thursday.
>> Thierry
> David Singer
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