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Raw [MAWG] 22-06-2010 meeting minutes.

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 14:51:27 +0200
Message-ID: <4C20B1CF.8010608@w3.org>
To: "public-media-annotation@w3.org" <public-media-annotation@w3.org>
Raw [MAWG] 22-06-2010 meeting minutes.

Present: Tobias, Werner, Thierry
Chair: Thierry

Due to lack of Quorum the call was short and adjourned after discussion 
of 2 topics:

- Tobias and Werner are at risk for the next F2F.
- LC comments debriefing

* tobias I have currently some problems with calling in - will be there 
in a minute.
<tmichel> you should use the US zakim number. the UK and FR are out of 
* wbailer (qw3birc@ has joined #mediaann
* tobias Thanks, Thierry - now I remember :-)
<tmichel> http://www.doodle.com/q7k9humkn29zg9g3
* pchampin hello; is the french Zakim bridge working now?
* tobias no, only US is working
* pchampin :-(
* pchampin sorry, I can't make international calls from my office
* pchampin I'm *only* ass. prof. you know :-/
* tobias no problem - we are adjourning now
* tobias only 3 people were in todays call
<tmichel> We are lacking quorum, only Tobias, Werner and I on the call

topic: F2F

<tmichel> http://www.doodle.com/q7k9humkn29zg9g3
<tmichel> either we sacrifice Werner or Tobias ;-)
<tmichel> Werner will see if he can attend Sept 8-9-10  or Sept 13-14-15 
and will report soon.
<tmichel> Tobias may be able to attend 2 days during Sept 15-16-17.
<tmichel> both will confirm ASAP
<tmichel> topic: LC comments

- LC comments debriefing
  4 LC comments in the Ontology

<tmichel> LC-2389: Mainly 2 questions to answer but no need for revising 
the ont spec
<tmichel> LC-2393: request to have formats speex and  VP8 included.
<tmichel> ... we should invite the commenter to send a mapping table for 
these 2 formats. thierry will draft a response and handle this comment/
<tmichel> LC-2398: if a Rec, might be in trouble with lightweight 
approach to mappings
<tmichel> .... I see 2 possibility: either remove the mapping table in 
an informative section.... or ... explain that this list if not 
exhautive and that it may be extended in future versions.
<tmichel> Thierry propose to draft a response and handle this comment.
<tmichel> LC-2403: request to add a section, how a publisher can easily 
apply terms from the ontology to multiple
<tmichel> resources.
<tmichel> looking here for a volunteer to draft a response.
<tmichel> 2 LC comments in the API

<tmichel> Why is Samplingrate-interface
<tmichel> the only audio parameter in the document.
<tmichel> Are there plans to include, for example, a quality parameter for
<tmichel> audio/x-speex?
<tmichel> Why does that section say "No exceptions"
<tmichel> That is a substantial comment as the commenter formally 
objected to the omission of an audio/x-speex
<tmichel> looking here for a volunteer to draft a response.
<tmichel> LC-2394: mainly editorials comments. I think someone had 
volunteer for this comment but it is not registered in the tracker tool.
<tmichel> adjourned
<tmichel> present: Tobias, Werner, thierry. lack of Quorum.
<tmichel> RRSagent, make minutes
<tmichel> RRSagent, draft minutes
* pchampin bye then
* pchampin sorry about those phone problem
* pchampin any idea when Zakim/france will work again?
<tmichel> invite RRSagent
<tmichel> No the system team is working on it .

* pchampin ok, I'll try to be home next time, so I can call USA for free :-/
* pchampin bye
* tobias bye
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