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Digital Data Exchange Inc.

From: Mark Isherwood <mark.isherwood@rightscom.com>
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 09:15:17 +0100
To: <public-media-annotation@w3.org>
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Dear All,

I have recently subscribed to the public reflector for the Media Annotations
WG. I came across the WG as a result of conversations that have been taking
place between Digital Data Exchange Inc. (DDEX) and other organisations or
groupings working on metadata creation and communication standardisation in
the digital media value chain. My company, Rightscom, is retained as the
secretariat for DDEX which develops standard XML message formats, at the
moment, principally for the digital music industry. Please see the website
at http://www.ddex.net/ which includes all the current standards at
http://www.ddex.net/documents.html. The membership of DDEX includes the
major record companies, music rights societies from North America and Europe
and digital music retailers such as Apple, Real Networks and Nokia.

The reason for reaching out to the MAWG is that a quick look at the outputs
of the group would indicate that it has not looked as DDEX as part of its
work. As issues around ³interoperability² (which I use in a very generic
sense rather than in the pure technical sense) are becoming important around
metadata creation and communication across different digital media types and
for multiple distribution networks, I felt it worth drawing DDEX to the WGıs
attention because it is beginning to be used quite widely in the digital
music space and efforts to co-ordinate its work with similar activities in
other digital media industries indicate the need for widespread co-operation
to avoid duplication or gaps occurring in this very important area of

Perhaps the WG might discuss this issue at one of its meetings and then
contact me to discuss any thoughts about co-operation.


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