Review of UC & Req

Dear all,

Please find below my comments on the current working draft of the use cases and requirements document.

1 Introduction: 

- "providing full or partial translation and mapping between the existing formats": actually not between, but from the formats to the properties in the ontology

- " API that provides uniform access to all elements defined by the ontology, which are selected elements from different formats": I suggest to drop the last part of the sentence, that sounds like taking property 1 from DC, property 2 from EXIF, etc

3 Purpose:

- Same comment as for the introduction: the example talks about mapping XMP to IPTC.

6 Requirements:

- as discussed in the telecon on Nov. 24, the requirements on policy information from PLING and the requirements from MFWG concerning discovery of named and track fragments should be added, and linked with the use cases, e.g. 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

- we should also discuss how the policy requirement is related to our r09. NB: "role" has nothing to do with subproperties in this context ;-)

- I think that r05 and r11 are related, as r05 actually describes the core slice. So in my opinion we could either state r11, and describe some of the slices, or we define separate requirements for each of the slices (as it is done in r05).

- Given the consensus reached in the group, I think that we could move r12 and r13 to the agreed requirements.

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