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Well, I can start by doing this one:

184 "Explain the link, difference or relation of our work with the  
Media Queries"

I don't think there is any.  Media Queries are a feature of CSS < 
 >.  They allow CSS to be sensitive to the nature and capability of  
the output device or viewer.  I have recently proposed that we use  
that to be sensitive also to the presentational needs of the viewer  
(e.g. needing captions).

In a *related* subject, I also proposed that multimedia could be  
sensitive to the same user needs, and adapt to it if possible.  For  
example, one could imagine a video file that had two audio tracks:
* normal audio, labelled "turn off if user needs audio description of  
* audio description of video, labelled "turn on if user needs audio  
description of video"

If the media annotation work allows enquiring "what adaptability does  
this file have" it could answer "sensitive to a need for audio  
description of video", and if there are track iterators, then it could  
also answer the settings for each track.

But note that though this uses the same user preferences, it doesn't  
use media queries as such.

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> Hi Dave,
> Give the action to me in minutes”
> I would ask you to update your ACTION status.
> 135, 149, 163, 171, 184
> Please do let me know the status of those items.
> Daniel

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