Summary of Media Annotations WG 5th F2F in Santa Clara

Hello everyone, 
I hope you all had a fruitful meeting during the TPAC!
Here is a short summary for Media Annotations WG (MAWG) 5th F2F meeting.
The charter of the group is to facilitate for web developers to access metadata in multimedia objects. Our approach is to devise a metadata ontology that defines relationships between metadata properties/attributes. 
Please note that the mission of this WG is to collaborate with existing formats, and that we do not introduce any new metadata attributes. It follows that we don't not have any placeholders to store or accumulate metadata, but only translate already existing values through our "mediating" metadata vocabulary, comprised of the ontology and API.
The group met for two days in Santa Clara during the TPAC 2009 meeting. 12 group participants and 13 observers were registered. Three documents has been published by the group as FPWD:
            - Use Cases and Requirements for Ontology and API for Media Object 1.0, June 2009
            - Ontology for Media Resource 1.0, June 2009 
            - API for Media Resource 1.0, October 2009 
The Ontology and API for Media Resource Documents are intended to become recommendations, and are scheduled to go for last call on March 2010.
More highlights from the F2F:
- API architecture discussions focused on Web Broswer vendors with Dough Schepers of the W3C and Silvia Pfeiffer from Mozilla.
- The group now considers having just one function to return any metadata from any type of media object (see:
- Discussions with Rigo from PLING (Policy Language Interest Group) concerning support for Policy documents.
- Coordination with John at Stanford about accessibility support in HTML5 and the MAWG vocabulary.
Best Regards
Joakim Söderberg
co-Chair Media Annotations WG

Received on Thursday, 12 November 2009 10:45:14 UTC