Major content metadata vocabularies to be mapped

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This initiative seeks to create an extensive mapping between many 
vocabularies in the Digital Library world, such as: CIDOC CRM, DCMI, 
DOI, FRBR, MARC21, LOM, etc. etc. The mappings will be expressed in 
OWL/RDF. It will be known as the 'Vocabulary Mapping Framework'. This 
work is endorsed by the DOI Foundation.

They put themselves a strong deadline, since they would like to announce 
the results officially at the British Library on November 9th, 2009. I 
suggest to the chairs of the Media Annotation WG to establish a liaison 
with this community, in order to share results and problems found, 
particularly related to the difficulty to express complex mappings in 
OWL/RDF, and/or to share approaches and tools.


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