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[Fwd: BBC Programmes and Music Data in the Talis Platform]

From: Pierre-Antoine Champin <pierre-antoine.champin@liris.cnrs.fr>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 09:26:44 +0100
Message-ID: <4A30BFC4.5060603@liris.cnrs.fr>
To: Media Annotation <public-media-annotation@w3.org>

attached mail follows:

Hi all,

You can now query BBC programmes and music data using SPARQL provided by the
Talis Platform. As I'm sure you know the BBC have been publishing linked
data for quite a while now and more recently we have been working with them
to spider this data and aggregate it into a Talis Platform store. In this
way we can provide full SPARQL access across all the BBC data as well as
faceting, full text search and other goodies.

The BBC's official announcement to the backstage community is here: <

We have put together a number of demos and a lot of sample SPARQL queries to
get you started: <http://api.talis.com/stores/bbc-demo/items/index.html>

The Talis Platform store is at: <http://api.talis.com/stores/bbc-backstage>
(the SPARQL endpoint is <
http://api.talis.com/stores/bbc-backstage/services/sparql> and an
interactive interface is here: <
http://api.talis.com/stores/bbc-demo/items/sparql/spared.html>). If you need
help using the store's features then <
http://n2.talis.com/wiki/Community_Support> may be useful.

We will also be blogging constantly highlighting cool uses of the data on
the Talis Platform developer blog at <http://blogs.talis.com/n2/>

Finally, thanks to all the amazing people at the BBC who have put so much
effort into building out a really important part of the Linked Data Web.

Have fun!


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