Re: second publication of the "Use Cases and Requirements for Ontology and API for Media Object 1.0" Draft.

Hello everybody,

i also agree in the publication of the use case document.

But we should keep in mind for the next "planned changing" of it to  
add the note that the debate about the terminology (media entity vs.  
object and so on) is still ongoing (i think Felix suggested this  
solution in todays telecon). I think this should prevent us from  
(possibly) upcoming discussions.

Best regards,

Am 28.04.2009 um 18:07 schrieb Thierry Michel:

> Joakim,
> If there are no objections, that is enough.
> Thierry.
> Joakim Söderberg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The following have given their approval for publication:
>> Felix
>> Wonsuk
>> Werner
>> Frank
>> Pierre-Antoine
>> Silvia
>> Jean-Pierre
>> Veronique
>> Lawrence
>> Tobias
>> Chris
>> Raphael
>> Joakim
>> - which corresponds to 54% of the participants. Is that enough for  
>> publishing on TR pages?
>> /Joakim

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