Re: F2F 3 and call for comments

Dear Joakim, all,

congratulations to this result, and sorry that I could not participate in
the 2nd day of the f2f. This is an important step forward for the success of
this Working Group!

Some comments on subsequent steps, maybe you have discussed them already,
maybe we can discuss them briefly during the next call.

1) The value of this Working Group is two-folded: first, provide a common
vocabulary for media annotations on the web, and second, describe relations
of exisiting formats towards these annotions. We should continue to work on
these existing relations, by getting feedback about them from outside the
working group, via public working drafts with the whole mapping table. Of
course, this table needs to be changed so that the "new" properties are in
the center. This is no fun, but IMO very important.

2) This is also important since we need it for the API which uses that
information for operations like "getAuthor(mediaObjectURI)" , hiding the
underlying format. It then is also important for getting us through the CR
phase - remember the testable assertions we discussed like "check if two
implementations get the same results for the same method".

A few comments on the table:

the youtube data api conflats creator and contributor into author
we should get feedback from the developers whether our approach creates
problems for them.

ma:language should be definded in terms of BCP 47, which is like a "latest
version for language tags" (RFC 1766, 3066, 4646, soon another one to come).

There is an otherlap between ma:language and ma:location since language
identifiers can contain location information as well. No need to conflate
these, but the overlap should be explained.

Again - congratulations on this good progress, and I am looking forward for


2009/4/19 Joakim Söderberg <>

>  Folks,
> The third F2F was successfully conducted at UPC in Barcelona.
> Thanks to the hosts and all present participants! You did a really good job
> and we had some very constructive and discussions.
> As a result of this meeting we now have a set of “Media Annotations
> Attributes”. It is a very important result since it will be the foundation
> of our second publication “Media Entity Ontology”.
> THIS TABLE AND PROVIDE COMMENTS! The table can be found on our Wiki:
> Best regards
> Joakim

Received on Sunday, 19 April 2009 19:44:21 UTC